Our Mission


In 21st century of keen challenge, the MISSION of KANGAWA HONG KONG is an innovative firm to overcome challenges in order to MAXIMIZE the VALUE and open up new POSSIBILITIES for all of precious customers and business partners, by our CAN-DO spirit. Together with selected manufacturers,

our VISION is to deliver best services and products which are cost-effective and high-value-added, and promote innovative technology adapted by vendors to provide solutions to satisfy needs of our customers.


Development across continents

Kangawa group which has been established since 1970, consists of 11 Japan origin companies and

has set up 5 frontiers in Japan, also 3 regional bases all over Asia-Pacific area.

Because of the well-established foundation, we are proud that our logistic network is responsive and

effective across the oceans. We will never be self-satisfied with our current achievement and we are continuously looking for business partnerships so as to explore more world wide markets. 


World class vendors

In order to deliver state of art product to customers, we have been co-operating with selected makers with promising quality and world-class technical capability and we always highly place emphasis on ESG(Environment, Social and Governance)of our partners. In order to ensure the satisfaction of customers, our partner makers are all capable in producing RoHS compliance product and certified with ISO9000 and ISO14000 series. Smooth and timely response to customers' needs is the common philosophy hold by Kangawa and our partners, and strategic management shared between us is the methodology that help us to achieve the target.


Engagement in various fields

Kangawa Hong Kong is focus in products that are related with agriculture, electronic and  semiconductor applications. Our products range from electronic components to entertainment system in giant automobile industry. Continuous development in new products with current manufacturers and certification of potential world-class makers are never stopped. Creativity and vision over the feature is the main motivation that leads Kangawa Hong Kong and our vendors to bring innovative solution with high competitive ability.

Image by Neenu Vimalkumar

Sustainable development

As an enterprise member of the society, Kangawa Hong Kong takes the CSR (corporate social responsibility)

and supports the sustainable development of economy, environment and society

so as to make a better future for our next generation.
In order to fulfill the idea, Kangawa Hong Kong has the following environment policies:

1.Ensure our vendors fulfill the environment requirements that

are requested by law, regulation and industrial environment standard.

2.Ensure the environmental requirements of customers are

understood fully and carried out by our makers

3.Promote products and material that is friendly to the environment and

promote the idea of 3R- Reduce, Reuse,

Recycle in order to preserve energy and natural resources.